Amazon launches new training and certification portal to lure talent to AWS

As cloud services continue to pick up steam, Amazon wants to make sure there is no shortage of talent to maintain your cloud computing operations and take care of your AWS needs.

Yesterday, the e-commerce giant announced it is launching its own dedicated training and certification portal to offer aspiring ASW solution architects the opportunity to independently manage and monitor their progress in one convenient place.

“Previously, you had to rely on multiple websites to find and manage training and certification offerings,” Amazon said in a blog post.

“Now you have a central place where you can find and enroll in AWS Training, register for AWS Certification exams, track your learning progress, and access benefits based on the AWS Certifications you have achieved.”

Amazon hopes the move will make it easier for technical professionals to build up their AWS skills and advance towards earning an actual certification to back up their competence in the area.

To access the portal, you can create a new account or simply log in with your existing Amazon account. Owners of AWS Training accounts will have the option to migrate their existing training history to the new platform.

While the new training portal will certainly make it easier for ambitious AWS rookies to catch up with the latest and greatest trends and practices in managing cloud infrastructures, it is worth noting employers tend to bet on candidates that can back up their certifications with practical experience.

So make sure you have some actual working experience to compliment your glowing AWS training certifications if you really want to impress potential talent hunters.

Check out more details about the AWS Training and Certification portal here.


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